How to Solve 3X3 Rubik’s



R :- Turn the right layer clockwise

R’ :- Turn the right layer counter-clockwise

R2 :- Turn the right layer two times

L :- Turn the left layer counter-clockwise

L’ :- Turn the left layer clockwise

U :- Turn the top layer clockwise

U’ :- Turn the top layer counter-clockwise

U2 :- Turn the top layer 2 times

D :- Turn the bottom layer counter-clockwise

D’ :- Turn the bottom layer clockwise

D2 :- Turn the bottom layer 2 times

F :- Turn the front layer clockwise

F’ :- Turn the front layer counter-clockwise

F2 :- Turn the front layer 2 times

B :- Turn the back layer counter-clockwise B’ :- Turn the back layer clockwise

B2 :- Turn the back layer 2 times

Easy steps solving Technique Make cross

1. Always move the top layer to match colors.

2. If you can’t match the edge from one side then try from another.

3. Chose the base color (any of six)

1st Layer:- Match the other two colors in the corner except for {choose color}

2nd Layer:- Always move the top layer to match colors.

Top Cross:- Put the right two edges on your right side and backside.

Corners:- Put the unsolved corner on your front right side. Do the algorithm until the Final color is on top.



Top Cross:-

F (R U R’ U’) F’

R U R’ U R U2 R’

Matching The Corners :-

U R U’ L’ UR’ U’ L

(R’ D’ R D) (R’ D’ R D)